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Name: Emma.

From: Saudi Arabia.

Age: 21.

Sensitive and very hard working girl! Into the Asian fandom, Crazy over her people, love to read, write and cook! Student, still studying, have many hopes for the future! Aiming to become a Doctor. Love to make new friends.


ACTORS: Benedict Cumberbatch \ Tom Hiddleston \ Jensen Ackles \ Misha Collins \ Robert Downey Jr \ Johnny Depp \ Jeremy Renner \ Keanu Reeves \ Shah Rukh Khan.

JROCK: GACKT \ GACKTJOB \ YFC \ Hyde \ L`Arc~en~Ciel \ KAZ \ VAMPS \ Yasu \ Acid Black Cherry \ SOPHIA \ Alice Nine.

JPOP: KAT-TUN \ ARASHI \ NEWS \ SMAP \ KINKI KIDS \ Kanjani8 \ T&T \ TOKIO \ V6 \ HSJ Akanishi Jin \ IkutaToma \ Yamashita Tomohisa.

KPOP: JYJ \ Big Bang \ SHINee \ MBLAQ \ THE BOSS \ SS501 \ 2PM \ B.A.P.

OTHERS: Sakis Rouvas \ Maroon5 \ Bruno Mars \ Sami Yusuf \ Robbie Williams.
Friday, July 11, 2014


Hi! :D
Can you lovely people take minutes to answer this survey about me?! Thank you!!! ♥

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Icons, Wallpapers & Happy Birthday Banner.

Jpop: Arashi [Ninomiya Kazunari].


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a gamer , songwriter , singer , actor and a wonderful and amazing actor .
Wow . You’re 31 or you turned 17 again ? I LOVE YOU :)


17歳 31歳。お誕生日おめでとう、ニノ!ヽ(.≧ω≦)ノ
"It's not probably. That would definitely be it.
Because it's not like I've come this far on my own.
It's what I believe now." -
1992*4##111, 二宮和也


Happy birthday, Nino ~

Nino, I don’t know how long have I been supporting you, but I remember I started to support you when I was in secondary school. Now I am a university student. Time flies, people change, but somehow am glad that my feeling for you can’t be lost.

Nino, thank you, for being here, everytime, in our extraordinary world. Thank you, for sharing this crazy world with me, and helping me getting over the stormy time of youth.

Nino, 30 cannot be returned again, 31 too. So, happy birthday, and of course, be the happiest Nino in the world, ne :”) ~

Nino ga suki, hontou ni.

Matsumiya mo suki :”) ~

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